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Journey to Work Insurance

Journey to Work Insurance

USU journey claimsUSU General Secretary Graeme Kelly and your USU Executive are proud to announce the introduction of the USU Journey Protection Scheme. As members are aware, in 2012, the Liberal and National Party Coalition State Government voted unanimously to strip away workers compensation journey claim protections leaving workers in NSW without insurance if they are injured going to or from work.

“The USU Executive was determined to ensure that USU members were not exposed to devastating loss of income resulting from an accident on the way to or from work,” Graeme Kelly said.

To counter this vicious attack on workers, your USU has ensured that financial members of the United Services Union are now covered for journey protection insurance* which means you continue to receive income if you are incapacitated as a result of an accident experienced when travelling to and from work.

And unlike other schemes, you do not need to exhaust your sick leave entitlements before accessing our journey insurance – after 14 days, our insurance will kick in to cover you for income lost for up to 12 months*.

Your Executive has so far voted unanimously to include this cover for members at no extra cost - this is just one more reason to talk to your colleagues about joining the USU.

The United Services Union has always been with you at work and now we are with you on your journey to and from work.


*conditions apply (Please refer to Policy and PDS below. Some Frequently Asked Questions can also be downloaded below)

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