Recent Additions to the Site: November 2015

The Union conducted a safety survey of NSW local government law enforcement officers involved in the duties of rangers, parking patrol officers and animal control officers between July and November 2014. The survey was an updated version of the survey carried out by the Union back in 2008 the results of which were reported in the 2009 report Moving-on For Safety.

The results of the updated 2014 safety survey have been compiled into a report called “What Is It Like To Be a Local Government Law Enforcement Officer in 2014?”. The full report can be downloaded here.

Your Chance to Have a Say
The United Services Union convenes a Reference Group for local government Rangers and Parking Patrol Officers.

The Reference Group provides a forum for Union members of this occupational group to relate to each other and to identify and to discuss common issues of joint interest.

The forum can also assist members to keep in touch with each other, and can assist in increasing the power of workers to effect changes and improvements within their occupational group.

Join in! Have a say!

The next meeting will take place on:

February 2015 – full details TBC
at the USU Sydney office
Alternatively members can take part via teleconference

To find out more and to RSVP:

Contact the Convenor Maria Nordenswan (Research/Assistant Industrial Officer of the Union) on 9265 8211 or email Or speak to your local Delegate or USU Organiser.


Graeme KellyThe USU has ongoing concerns about safety issues for local government rangers, parking patrol and animal control officers.

Members can read about the results of our recent survey regarding body worn video devices HERE.

Local government rangers and parking patrol officers fulfill many important roles in our community. For example, they help ensure fair and safe parking access and assist in easing traffic congestion. (find out more)



what's newThe USU continues campaigning for improved safety for council workers.

Council staff are expected to act with due professionalism and should in turn be treated with dignity and respect.

However, many rangers and parking patrol officers experience violence and aggression from members of the public while carrying out their duties.

Councils, the government and the community must take these issues seriously - no worker should have to experience violence when doing work for the community.

If USU members have a workplace issue which requires attention, please speak to your workplace union delegate in the first instance or discuss the issue with your USU Organiser.


USU committee

The USU Reference Group – Rangers & Parking Patrol Officers meet regularly to discuss issues affecting officers. To find out more contact Maria Nordenswan.

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