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Hawkesbury Council Supports Compo Cuts

On Tuesday 5th June 2012 the USU met with Hawkesbury Council General Manager regarding the submission by the Self Insurers Associations to endorse all of the State Government’s cuts to the Workers Compensation Act.

Council has also put their own submission to the inquiry that is to be completed by the 13th June 2012 that will make cuts to:

✗    Remove coverage for trips to and from work

✗    Reduction in weekly payments
✗    Caps to weekly payments
✗    Stop lump sum payments for pain
✗    Stop partners of those killed at work from being compensated for nervous shock

The USU will be hold meetings to discuss this attack on your rights on:

Tuesday 12th June 2012  
12 noon & 1pm in the Car park
Admin Building George Street Windsor


Tuesday 12th June 2012
6.20am Depot Car park
So bring along your fellow workers

For more information contact the support team on 1300 136 604 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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