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United magazine Autumn 2015: Fighting for our rights

The USU's Autumn 2015 edition of United has been sent to members. Check it out here.

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USU General Secretary Graeme KellyMarch 28 is an important date for USU members. It’s the day you and I - along with the residents of NSW - choose the direction our state will head in the future.

It seems USU members and their families have a special interest in this election.

Take a look at pages 16-17 and you will see that from the Top 8 reasons to vote Labor in this election our members are specifically targeted in 5 of them - and benefit from a whole range of others.

From selling the electricity network to forced council mergers, our members are in the firing line - and have been for the past 4 years.

Since the Baird/O’Farrell government came into power in 2011 the USU has been hard at work protecting the specific interests of our members.

Industrially we have had significant victories in all of our industries, however it has been through hard work lobbying members of the Upper House where we have had some of our most significant victories.

It is there that we stopped local government workers being transferred to the Federal Award system. It is there that we protected the Local Government State Award and stopped the demolition of the NSW Industrial Relations system.

We did this with help from the ALP, the Shooters and Fishers Party, the Greens and the Christian Democrats.

Where we were unable to win on Workers Compensation changes we did what we could to minimise the impact on our members by introducing Journey to Work insurance.

We have never stopped fighting for job security, fair wages and fair conditions.

We do not want our power industry sold off, we do not want our councils forcibly merged.

We do not want NSW giving into pressures from Tony Abbott to further attack workers’ rights.

Most importantly we do not want NSW sold off!

With our members in the firing line and potentially losing jobs, wages and conditions we, as a union, need to step up and urge members to think about their vote on March 28.

We saw what happened in Queensland where they have no Upper House to balance the government. A government with complete disregard about what the people of Queensland were saying - stop the sell off!

We do have an Upper House here in NSW but we need an Upper House that will give you a voice. One that has put on notice its opposition to the Sell Off of NSW.

That’s why members like Raffaele Catanzariti are prepared to join the thousands of NSW workers asking you to vote for candidates who will not sell off your job to the highest bidder.

I urge you to think about how you vote - before it’s too late.

Graeme Kelly
USU General Secretary