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What is GLAM?

GLAM is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) ASU/USU Members, a grouping of members of the ASU/USU who are campaigning for the rights of LGBT workers in Australia.

Particular areas of concern are:

* Discrimination in the workplace
* Harassment
* Superannuation

GLAM was formed nationally by a resolution of the ASU National Conference in 1998. Since then, our presence has been felt across the country at pride marches, union rallies and even in the annual Mardi Gras parade.

How to get involved

Contact the USU Information Centre on 1300 136 604 for more information.

At the national level, regular teleconferences are held to share information about what is going on in Branches and to seek assistance with activities requiring coordination between Branches. National Office has been responsible for creating the GLAM logo and producing GLAM promotional materials like postcards, magnets, rally banners and the hugely popular GLAM t-shirts. We have also coordinated ASU involvement in the annual Mardi Gras in Sydney.

The National Office also acts as a secretariat for GLAM ensuring that relevant information received is disseminated to Branches who can then get it out to members.

If you are being harassed or discriminated against in your workplace
Obviously if you are experiencing harassment and/or discrimination based on your sexual or gender orientation you should get assistance.

As a union member, your first port of call is your local delegate. However, you may not feel comfortable speaking with a colleague about the problem, in which case you can always call the USU direct on 1300 136 604.

What is "glamchat" and how do I join?

Our National Union the ASU has has established a virtual forum on the Yahoo Groups website where GLAM officials and rank and file members can "speak" to each other. Go to the link on the National Union page

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