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USU/ASU AAE Agreement voted up

AaE staff have voted overwhelmingly to endorse the USU/ASU EBA deal negotiated and recommended by the USU/ASU's AaE National Negotiating Team. In a significant turnout of eligible staff (75% of voters) 98% of these staff voted in favour of the Agreement.

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It is time to vote on the AAE EBA

After the endorsement of the AAE EBA by USU/ASU members the company is mailing and emailing the final agreement on 22nd June 2015. The Fair Work Act requires voting staff to have a period to consider the agreement before voting begins.

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Time for AaE management to focus

We met AaE management about the EBA on 15th December 2014 for our third meeting with the company and they still have not comprehensively responded to our log of claims.

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AaE EBA Negotiations Begin

The USU/ASU AaE national negotiating team (NNT) have now had 2 meetings with Qantas management about the replacement of our current enterprise agreement(EBA). Our meetings were held on 20th October and 12th November 2014.

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