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Maurice BlackburnWith negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement now stretching out to 12 months and bargaining reaching a stalemate the union has called for a Protected Action Ballot.

In meetings with our members across the country you have told us that:

  • The firm’s pay offer is not good enough and they should not treat Support Staff and Lawyers differently
  • The total remuneration framework and bonus scheme lacks transparency and employees need the ability to appeal pay decisions
  • You deserve a fair, written performance management scheme
  • Unpaid overtime should be compensated for by additional health & wellbeing, flex or recognitions days

Unfortunately, despite doing very well financially the firm refuses to change their current offer and we believe they intend now to pay Support Staff a small increase from 1 July 2016 and pay 1 – 3rd year Lawyers nothing.

How did we get to this point?
It is sad that we have got to this point – we all know that the negotiations were originally stalled by the firm starting months after they should have and we have seen the Total Rewards Framework release delayed at least 6 months. We expected that the firm would at least try to listen to the views of hard working frontline staff but unfortunately it appears they would not.

What has become clear to your delegates is that if we want a better pay deal and a better bonus system we need to show the firm’s owners that we mean what we say – we want a better deal.

Why a Protected Action Ballot?
The firm is signalling they will not talk to us unless we agree with them. You have told us you will not. We now need to look at the option of protected industrial action.



Maurice Blackburn: A resounding YES to our EBA


The votes are in and we are pleased to confirm that Maurice Blackburn and Zabulon staff have emphatically endorsed the EBA. 97% of those who voted, voted in favour of endorsing  the agreement.

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Vote YES to Maurice Blackburn EBA!

It’s not just the US presidential election that takes place this week – the vote for the USU/ASU Maurice Blackburn EBA also will be held on 8th and 9th November 2016 and while we can’t vote in the US elections you can vote YES to support the hard fought and won agreement with Maurice Blackburn.

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Maurice Blackburn: Unity and Solidarity Key to our EBA Result

Your USU/ASU National Negotiating Team met with the firm’s negotiators on Tuesday 6th September 2016 in Melbourne after USU/ASU members held meetings on Monday 5th September to discuss the draft Heads of Agreement to settle the enterprise agreement.

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Maurice Blcakburn: Time to sign off on the EBA

After an exhaustive drafting process your National Negotiating Team intend to hold meetings of members this week to discuss the final version of our new EBA which we will recommend should be  endorsed by USU/ASU members and should go out formally to all staff on 24th October 2016.

It has been a long road but everything we said in principle would be included has been included in the final EBA or in an explanatory letter.

Come to a meeting

To hear the ins and outs of the agreement make sure you attend a local meeting between 17 - 21st October 2016.

This EBA has been achieved through the hard work and dedication of USU/ASU members and delegates and there is no doubt there are many important changes in this EBA that would not have happened without the solidarity and unity of USU/ASU members.

Got any questions?

If you have queries contact your local USU/ASU delegate/NNT member or organisers.

National Negotiating Team L-R Erin Quinn, Lucy Minter, Maddy O’Brien, Kelly Thomas, Vicki Rogers, Jarrah Ekstein, Charlie Campbell and Louisa Young

USU/ASU Organiser

  Branch Contact
Joel Conomos New South Wales & ACT 0429 779 587
Allison Finley-Bissett QLD Together 0417 608 387
Jeanine Orzani QLD Services 0417 714 767
Chiara Lennox QLD Services 0427 712 410
Andy Lewis Victoria 0409 778 890
Janet Giles SA & NT 08 8363 1322
Rebecca Gillis Western Australia



ASU Maurice Blackburn members vote to take protected industrial action

Yesterday the votes were counted in our protected action ballot and we are pleased to advise that USU/ASU members at Maurice Blackburn and Zabulon have overwhelmingly voted in favour of each of the actions proposed on the ballot.

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